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what type of board should i get
i am going to get a down hill board for racing what should i get
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I have been looking at the Arbiters by Original. It's a fairly inexpensive deck. There are 3 generations each a little different and meant for slightly different things. Mainly, the series is meant for speed but the next gens are more versatile. I would look at what your height works best with as far as wheel base and look for something that fits your style. I don't know too much, just been shopping around for my second board as well. Hope this helps, good luck!
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I highly recommend a comet with liam morgan blood orange wheels if you are looking to slide, the wheels are amazing and the board will last 4+ years and still ride like its new
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@brittneysowell @bbsbecker thanks I'll look into those
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@NathanOlson You should check out anything by JET Skatboards. You can get away with a sub $200 complete with ease.
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@mikerosa ok thanks that is a sweet deck to
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