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My pride and joy! 馃槏
Yeah more than anything- I wanna learn upper body sliding.. Kinda hard in my small parking garage rofl
There as some good hills up north where I live. If I could go up north every day I would in a heartbeat. The hills are sooo awesome.
Sweet! I looove bamboo. It's super durable! Although mine has a few nicks. The first time I noticed a scratch I literally cried. Hahaha(: another thing I like about bamboo is that it doesn't get warped so easily if it gets wet.
I got a Loaded Tan Tien, I love this board style! Accidentally ran over mine with my truck in the grass but yay bamboo, it wasn't even nicked! Haha. You're lucky, I can't wait to go up to virginia next summer for some hill action
Very cool, how do you like it?
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