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As promised, I'm going to talk about the behind story of Choi Siwon's song "Dont Leave Me". Since I can never understand the feeling of a guy who pleads to someone to don't leave and in order to put into feelings the rap lyrics that I wrote, Hyukjae told me "Hyung go and have one drink of alcohol and come to recording" so I drank soju and went to the recording studio after. After Hyukjae saw me he said "Hyu...Hyung... this isn't just one drink;; how many did you drink?" "Two bottles" D: D: But I poured my heart out and received a standing ovation and finished recording, and as me and Hyukjae were praising each other and laughing out loud, Jonginnie who was recording at the next room came out and got curious, as his eyes widened like a Japanese anime girl and looked at me, he said, "Hyung....did you drink alcohol? If so, are you okay?" So!!! Here is the question!! What did the bestfriends duo reply to Jonginnie's question? ������#DontLeaveMe #Iwillrevealthecorrectanswerafteronehour ________________________________________ Ended Music Bank in a good mood and came to the waiting room to turn it on but haaa.... Euaaaa hskdkfndᆞh9₩%#uraq#&enldjfnr!! Ah.. My village is all wiped out.... Ah I exploded into anger.. I should just put it asideㅡㅡ^ #ClashOfClans