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what is justice? when sirens and blue collars just don't satisfy when one call has the right service when he pains as bad as the ones he pained justifies but is it right? he hit her, pushed her, grabbed her . is sirens and blue collars enough. no. fight he wronged her. so his own pain he will get so pure straight injection to his body pain of the mind and soul can he hurt no more in his lobby in his fucked up hotel of corruption you know. so what is justice? is it right? will it be a service? or paper work for a blue collar on a late night?
it was to show doubt, if that makes sense. What I mean is that it was to show like you said how you wanted to continue but there was a punctuation mark. its symbolism. the sentence is symbolic for the decision of taking matters into your own hands or calling the police and the punctuation is symbolic for doubt. you want to make a decision but you stop. you want to act but there's a period. you know what I mean? @greggr
@DanielRivera I definitely understand; you accomplished that pretty well. I wanted to stumble through the question marks but instead I had to hesitate, and think
The punctuation in this makes me read a bit differently than I expected to; I kept stopping where I wanted to go, feeling a bit stuck. Relates to overall theme, I think. @DanielRivera
Big question there @DanielRivera I definitely feel the pull between what is "justice" and what is done by paper pushers once a crime hits courts, cops and judges....