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can I?

Can I? let go of you can I? forget your name can I? let the past pass through can I? stop playing your twisted game should I? move on should I? meet anew should I? look forward to dawn should I? find someone to replace you am I? worth your breath am I? waiting blindly in vain am I? better off friends with death am I? holding on to long to past pain you are! the greatest nightmare I've ever dreamt you are! the most greatest mistake I've ever made you are! like barbie and I was kent you are! a poison I will gladly swallow so that you are the last memory I have when I fade you kill me every day I'm without you you're voice shatters glass all I've ever wanted was you but when ever I see you all you do is pass I am nothing you are the world i am pathetically tripping while you left me unpurled I hate you I live you.
thank you. I meant to continue it, but had to cut it short. thank you very much though @timeturnerjones
It would be really interesting to see this spaced differently as well, I'm not sure how to show you what I mean, but making the non-repetitive lines more indented, or to fall into some kind of pattern. I've seen some poetry like this (such as Ellen Hopkins' books) and it's very interesting. Good work.
thank you @MsSheena
@DanielRivera You can always expand later, but its really great as it is
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