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I wanted to post a little more than the usual maryhill pictures you see, there's a lot more to the town than the longboarding. There's a war memorial, an amazing museum, another war memorial that looks like Stonehenge, and many other things. I stayed there for 2 days, and I only got to experience half the things I could have. When I passed by the actual hill, I saw some people bombing it and stayed for a sec to watch. Didn't have ANY gear with me on the road trip (only board I had was a cruiser haha) so I didn't get to actually bomb it myself. If you're ever in the area, stay awhile. It was very fun.
This is really interesting, I love seeing a different side of what we usually see. I've seen a countless number of Maryhill dh videos so this is actually pretty refreshing to see. Thanks @steezus!
my homeboys went up there, they where on the set up krew. @HomegrownLongboards
Yes it does, look bottom right corner of the road. Only one of them had full leathers on, the others just had helmets if I remember correctly.
Does pic 5 have those downhillers in the distance?