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I was crossing the street and this lady goes to turn, we make eye contact, and the bitch speeds tf up and tries to hit me but instead breaks my board -______-
I think it's past the point of repair. Chop it up and make something new out of it! That's what I would do at least
Iv had good luck with using car filler (extremely strong bond) and if you don't want the filled parts to be permanently pink I usually leave 4-7 cm dip in the full and then use a wood putty build up of about a quarter inch then sand it down to fit the curves! Good luck m8
I agree @Steezus. You can get fiberglass resin to reattach the broken wood as well
@mikehalemashak where were you thinking of cutting btw. If I was in your shoes id actually cut into the cracked area some and then repatch the new nose! Hope all goes well and if you have any questions throw me a message!
I think imma chop it a little bit and re-drill it
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