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I was crossing the street and this lady goes to turn, we make eye contact, and the bitch speeds tf up and tries to hit me but instead breaks my board -______-
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Huh @HenryRoderick good point. How much $ is car filler?
Um extremely inexpensive for the amount you will use ha um I think it's like 10-15 bucks but I got mine like 2 years ago and not even half way done haha. So it lasts for ever! But if I were you definitely try it out with some wood scrap so you get used to working with it and it's quick curing time (because baby this shit is permanent) I'm pretty sure car filler is made from old melted Nokia phones hahaha
And if you do decide to do a total overhaul and want to fill stress cracks in flexy parts of the board I would use zar latex wood patch. It's pretty much wood glue infused with maple sawdust and is amazing for filling the tiny stress a cracking that happens in 1-2 plies
@mikehalemashak where were you thinking of cutting btw. If I was in your shoes id actually cut into the cracked area some and then repatch the new nose! Hope all goes well and if you have any questions throw me a message!
cool man thanks