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I would like it as a mix of girls boys group and no more then 6 members Jimin BTS L from infinite Minho from Shinee girls can be Jessica from Snsd and Suzy from Miss A and Jiyeon from Apink :) hahhas what do u all think
Girl group: Choa (AOA) Taeyeon (SNSD) Ailee Minah (Girls Day) Hyuna (4Minute) Boy Group: Taeyang (Big Bang) Kyuhyun (SJ) Luhan (Exo) Minho (SHINee) Nickhun (2pm) Mixed group: Jessica (SNSD) Zhoumi (SJ) Soyou (Sistar) Key (SHINee) Minah (Girls Day) Kris (former EXO) Feel free to let me know what you think of them!!! I love feedback!
@Cryomorph I would love to see any of your groups as a reality, and the same with you @sherrysahar @jiggzy19 and@danidee :)
Rap Monster (BTS) Zico (BlockB) Mine (Winner) T. O. P. (Big Bang) Zion T. This would be one hell of a group!
Damn auto-correct, Mino, but Mine works for me.