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We should do a setup saturday/sunday thing. Heres my current setup.
Like every Saturday/Sunday we can just post all our setups. This includes trucks, wheels, bearings, and boards of course. Or if you wanna go more in depth you can list bushings as well. I'm pretty interested in what you all ride hahaha. I got a loaded Bhangra, with Paris 180mm v2's (orangesicle color), Magic Shrooms bearings with built in spacers, and wheels from a Santa Cruz cruiser that I'm using until I get Orangatang Stimulus.
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@CameronReadore yeah, the ones who actually do shit are ok in my book. It's the little kids with the soccer moms who ruin it for me.
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@steezus they all gotta start somewhere, I know I wasn't born with skills lol the kids who keep at eventually become the gnarly riders we have today.
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus we all gotta do our part to teach skate park etiquette
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@CameronReadore oh yeah I get you, but it's not a safe environment for them. I'm all for teaching the little ones how to skate but if someone's about to go on a run, and the parents aren't have been hit. I'm all for teaching, but to get them started, a safer environment is better.
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@steezus I completely agree. The saying goes: If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. I just warn any parents to keep their kids out of the way of other people or their kids might get checked. I've seen it happen too many times and I can't deny I've checked some kids after I shouted at them to move at least twice.
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