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"Peter, you are the rock on which my church for all nations will be founded, for you have noticed that my teachings are not just for the Jews, but the Jews who will want to follow my way, shall go to James". This is what he said to them in order to settle the dispute, each will have a different role. But this arrangement did not last even a day. Martha tells Luke how they came that morning and found the cave open, and Peter and James were there arguing. "Mary and James took the body in the middle of the night to Mary's family tomb, south of Jerusalem. They told no one except some family friends who helped them. Peter came there few hours later, just before dawn. He found the cave open and empty. He had plans of his own, you see? You can imagine how furious he was". "And hence the stories of the resurrection?" "Yes. Peter made them all up, to James' great dismay. James thought we had to just tell the truth - There was this wise and goodhearted man, who wanted to start a much needed reform movement within Judaism, and we must continue what he started, but Peter... well Peter is indeed like a rock... " "And what was Mary's take on this? " "It may seem strange to you, but she sided with Peter. She said that those who want to believe will believe, and those who do not will leave us alone. Of course, things did not turn out as neither of them planned. " "Why was that? " "In three words - Saul of Tarsus"