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Step aside WolframAlpha, looks like you've got some competition! PhotoMath is an app that allows you to take pictures of a math problem and solve it for you instantly. It's powered by MicroBlink, a real-time text recognition SDK. It is available for iPhone and Windows phones. So far the following is compatible: - Arithmetic expressions - Fractions & decimals - Powers and roots - Simple linear equations WolframAlpha is a powerful calculator, but it has yet to add a feature like this. Can you image in the future just taking a picture of your math problem and getting it solved step-by-step? I wish this app would have been released sooner when I was first taking algebra. It would have been helpful!. iPhone App: Windows App: Android: Coming early 2015
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Another proof that we will be obsolete in the future! We are letting robots and technology rule us already.
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Bro, are you serious!? They are going to takeover! What's wrong with you all? The future is banged up and you worry about your homework!
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There is nothing in life easy! Everybody who is successful didn't rely on a calculator or what not. But since you want it easy then I guess you will be content with your lazy ass life
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@JoseABlanco If it's used as a study aid, then it can be beneficial. It's up to the individual to decide how to use this technology.
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I agree, we must see both sides of the coin in full detail to see where we can go
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