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I have this awesome professor who is one of the few female professors at my university in the Computer Engineering department. I went in to talk to her the other day and she was wearing the coolest ring ever! It had a circuit board with her initials. She said her friend gave it to her for her birthday. I was so in love with the idea of geeky jewelry so I went to the only place I could think of this existing: Etsy. 1. Circuit board earrings http://goo.gl/QwHMB1 2. Motherboard earrings http://goo.gl/n4hEOT 3. Floppy disk earrings http://goo.gl/cBnWsC 4. Transistor earrings http://goo.gl/30mI5s 5. Hello World earrings http://goo.gl/2FCsNh I'm actually thinking of making my own transistor earrings because I have some left over from my circuits class~~~ Now that I think about it...I should use my old electronics that I don't use anymore to make some cool stuff.
The transistor ones are my favorite, too!! If you manage to make some, let me know :) I bet that'd be kind of fun to try to do? great idea @csgeek
@onesmile it should be fun! I just need to go to a craft store and buy materials! :)