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Easy, healthy and fun alternative to cake pops. Ingredients: 1 cup dried shredded coconut 6 raisins 12 chocolate chips (mini) 3 bananas 1.5 cups of orange juice (You can drink it after you dunk the bananas.) 6 Popsicle sticks Instructions: Turn a banana into a frightful ghost! Cut the banana in half widthwise and insert a popsicle stick into the flat end. Freeze for a few hours, then dip in orange juice, followed by shredded coconut. Be sure to grab the dried shredded coconut. We found that moist coconut flakes did not stick to the banana well. Place two chocolate chips for eyes and a plump raisin for the mouth.
Dipping a frozen banana in orange juice sounds interested.
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I like the raisin mouths!
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I don't know how I feel about that orange juice step, I'd prefer some melted dark chocolate :)
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