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I'm new to longboarding and I wanted to know if there were any tips and tricks I should know I want to get into freestyling and downhill so if you guys have any tricks that can be done easily that'd be great
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How much are you willing to spend though? I mean, everybody wants to shell out $600 for a Loaded Chubby Unicorn, but not everybody has that cash.
Well I was thinking of spending around 900 for a complete Tesseract plus helmet gloves and a backpack and go pro
Wow thats a lot of dough, seems like its worth it. I've been looking at gopro's for awhile now, but my ipod will do haha. And as for a helmet I suggest a triple 8 brainsaver, they're pretty good. And they're certified I think.
Yeah I have a triple 8 brainsaver double certified as my helmet of choice if I decide to go for the Tesseract bundle
@nathanielsierra I think a Tesseract is a good choice. The truncated tessy is basically the same price as the normal one but with just less board. As @steezus said, the tesseract can do a bit of everything