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Why I want the Tesseract so badly
Board Breakdown | Tesseract:
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$200 plus for just the deck. Whoa ther pal
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah @laneasuar loaded boards ain't cheap. But they're pretty great. Granted, there are cheaper alternatives but still loaded is pretty awesome.
3 years ago·Reply
I heard about the giveaway on Facebook and thought I give it a shot! Ive ridden a longboard before but never really owned one..that and I have no cash to buy any parts. BUT who gets the prize congrats! and thanks for the chance
3 years ago·Reply
Haha man dw, everyone has a chance, if not this one then maybe on the next one. Good luck @BigEA
3 years ago·Reply
Your right, Thanks @BenKaplan and Good luck to you too
3 years ago·Reply