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This short article from the L.A. Times highlights some of my favorite bookshops in London. I also make it a point to stop at Any Amount of Books, even if I just pick up a paperback for the plane ride home. I do love Hatchards, but I usually like to pop into the Waterstones nearby as well, if only to take in the view from their cafe. It's on the fifth floor, so you get a nice view over the Thames. The London Review Bookshop was on my list as well, and oddly enough, also for the cafe and not the books! I'm glad the author of this article agrees--it makes me feel less shallow:)
I LOVE books..!
I wish I could go there some day. Really miss small shops right now after so many chain store mogul.😢😢
Thanks for this!! I've bene mentally planning a trip to London for years (I've never been there :( ) and I really want to see some good shops (bookshosp and otherwise!)
Well, once you go, you just want to go back, so you're stuck:) But I hope you get to go soon!
@Spudsomma yes, but I've been planning for so long that now I just want to go!!
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