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Things have really begun picking up at the Pac-Arts office as we get closer and closer to the the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Scheduled guests are finalizing their appearances, 'To Be Announced' film slots are beginning to be filled by last minute titles, and at the office, we are beginning to receive items we've special ordered for the gala and various parties spanning the festival. Wine, check. Beer, check. And next week, the huge boxes of shrimp chips from the local Korean grocery store. (Shrimp chips + Good movies = Combination of Champions.) Learning more and more about theater operations has given me more confidence that I'll be able to manage the different theaters when the time comes. A majority of film festivals have their own standard of ticketing operations used to track and process ticketing orders similar to a box office. Last week, I was taught all about how to sell tickets on-site and how we keep track of seats sold and tickets reserved, and I'm excited to help train the other house managers and operations volunteers as we get closer to the event. The hard work has been really rewarding, especially for a short-term intern like me. It has completely steepened my learning curve, a result of putting the advice and experience of the staff around me into constant action as I complete more and more planning projects. It also helped me really get to know the people I share my office with. (A highlight of last week was recording a short video of all of us wearing silly masks, hats, and little props and dancing to a Bollywood soundtrack to thank our 10,000+ Facebook followers!) I'm going to miss them all so much when my internship comes to a close, and I look forward to the memories we'll make together at this year's SDAFF. In the meantime, I can already feel tensions starting to rise as we move into our final week of preparations before the festival. I left the office Friday night with a bit of reluctance, knowing that the next time I returned, we would officially be in the belly of the beast. Am I nervous? Yeah, a little bit. Am I scared? Yeah, a little bit there too. But am I excited? Oh, tremendously. It's about to get real, folks. [ Film Pictured: "Kano", a Taiwanese baseball film based on the true story of the multiracial Kano baseball team of the early 1930s. ]
Best of luck! I am excited to hear about all of the films and adventures you'll experience :)
Wow, congrats on the FB followers! I hope the festival gets off to a great start!!
Good luck, and I'm sure your SDAFF will be successful because you're on the team.