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"Breakfast in Paris" is a hilarious and exciting 'Tom and Jerry'-style short film directed by a group of animation students from LISAA School of Design in Paris, Aurélie Gomez, Guillaume Bissières, Chloé Félix, Théo Ferré, Guillaume Pochez, Morgane Tissier, and Romy Yao. The short tells the story of a French teenager who naively leaves for the train without eating his breakfast. Fact: 9 out of 10 moms agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The 10th mom would probably agree too, but she's too busy tackling her son to the ground because he left home without it.
The dog licking his face is too cute XD Next time, just eat your bfast! I really love the style of this; it reminded me of a few US animation series I've seen!
For me, it's more like my past self is yelling my present self when I commute on an empty stomach haha
In high school I was the one who had to wake my mom up! If anything I was the one yelling at my family to hurry up and eat breakfast haha
This is so funny...that is one definite epic boss lady!!
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