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And here I thought 'doodling' didn't count as an art! Portland-based artist Allison La Valley of Lost Birds Art Studio has customized a Japanese Nissan Skyline GTR with a simple felt-tip marker. The project took the couple over 140 hours, which also included a finish of lacquer to preserve the art made. The completed car can be seen in the very last detail shot. Crazy, right?!
wow this is very bravely.just a chip mistake can make a big disaster.
Beautiful, and such a creative idea! All of that must have taken a lot of time and concentration, I love the idea though!
This is a kind of art I can do! I love taking a piece of paper, dividing it into sections,a nd then filling each section with its own design--I feel liek this car matches that, though its much more organized than mine would be! Awesome idea.
I actually saw something like this recently! The car was covered in a weird silver paint (I'm pretty sure it wasnt car paint) and decorated in green sharpie. Really cool!
Whoa, this must've been quite labor intensive having to draw by hand all the minute details on a vehicle. That's incredible though.