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"Tysramisu" is the latest creation of French graphic designer Tyrsa, a decadent homage to the arts of typography and pastry-making. Commissioned by Parisian bakery LIBERTÉ, Tysra and pastry chef Benoît Castel used three different tiramisu recipes to create towers of cream, coffee, and cacao powders, each contrasting in color. The tops of these towers each boast a different solid chocolate letter that, when finally compiled, spelled out the name of the project. Fortunately for us, LIBERTÉ has created a short video promoting the project and giving us a little behind-the-scenes peek at the process behind such a creative (and delicious!) work. Now who's hungry?
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If someone can give me one with my name on it, I'll be even happier than I am watching this :)
That makes two of us @galinda
What an awesome art project!
How did you get these letters printed? That's terrific!