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Morning meditation is a wonderful way to start your day, but choosing exactly what mantra to focus on is difficult. Mantras are meant to open your mind and put you in a powerful mindset. These small, simple words can completely change the way that you approach your day, so they are essential for a positive morning meditation. Here are three of the most important mantras to work with as you begin your day: 1. Om ‘Om’ is the most common mantra that you can practice in the morning. This word is taken from the Sanskrit language and generates a comforting sound when the vibration loiters in the throat. In order to enter the deep meditative state, you have to focus on that ultimate silence which produces the sound. 2. Love When you utter the word ‘love’, you immediately feel more positive. During meditation, you need to focus on this physical feeling that comes from repeating the word aloud. It eliminates all of your anger and depression and fills your heart with love. 3. I am Identifying self-existence and recognizing self-power are some important aspects of meditation. This mantra is absolutely perfect for chanting at the start of a day and honoring yourself for who you are. When you add positive affirmations with ‘I am’, you eventually strengthen your inner-self and step towards success. "I am successful" "I am strong" "I am"
Honestly, I only knew om!
definitely gonna give this a try. feel inspired and powerful just reading it.
I really want to try meditation so this should help me a lot.
I will certainly give these a try. I don't do any morning meditation but mantras can be used at all times, right?
"I am" is such a powerful one. I used to feel silly using mantras like this, but now I find myself muttering these under my breath throughout my day.