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It seems that all the buzz about Gmail's Inbox app is about to get louder. Google has decided that it would prefer to let its new service, and competitor to Mail (owned by Dropbox), grow virally rather than use its enormous user base to force its growth. This is an interesting approach as it was how gmail started, as well as the approach that Mail did when it first launched. There are some who believe that this is more of a marketing ploy than anything else. I personally do not agree. I believe that this is more about making sure that the user base is grown naturally and slowly so as to build a strong evangelical user seed base. This is what I believe was wrong with Google Plus. Google Plus is a great service, but no one uses it, and I believe this is because the service had no leaders. I believe that Google has learned from this mistake, and is trying a different approach. I, as a marketer, am definitely curious to see how this works out.
@onesmile same here, if it weren't for Youtube, I wouldn't even have my profile. I'm excited about this new inbox. I really want an invite! :P
This sounds pretty awesome to me; I agree I really hated Google+ mostly because they made me use it to get my youtube working, and I still don't want to use it! It's kind of ridiculous, but this seems way more appealing because I don't have to use it. This seems like a good planning tool, but I'll have to try myself before I really pass judgement on it~
I really wish I could have inbox right now. ..looks so cool!!