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If you're into marine wildlife photography, you have heard of Doug Perrine: he is widely known as one of the world's foremost marine wildlife photographers. Nearly every nature magazine has shown his works, and they are also commonly a part of books, calendars, greeting cards and more. He was the winner of Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2004, and also has won in the Nature's Best competition. His photography has won a number of awards, Not only does he photograph marine life, but he is the author of seven books on marine life and numerous magazine articles: truly showing how deeply her cares about the sea that he takes part in through his photographs. The winning shot for 2004 (shown on slide 1) is called "Bronze whalers charging a baitball," and was captured on a Canon EOS D60 in a UK-Germany housing with a Sigma 14mm f2.8 lens, exposing for 1/800 seconds at f5.6 at ISO 200. Lighting was accomplished with a Canon 550EX strobe in a UK-Germany underwater housing. One of the most significant aspects of his win was that he used a digital camera, and some digital manipulation, on his photo: now, this is the norm. At the time, though, there was speculation over whether or not this should have been allowed. Still, Perrine was excited at the possibilities that the digital medium would be providing.
nice shot
I love the bubbles in the fourth photo. its such a nice shot!
He has some incredible timing! I'm guessing it's not too easy to capture moments like turtles hatching.
The bronze whalers shot is amazing! I'd love to have seen everything he's seen.