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Awesome science parody of All About The Bass about SPACE! I like space, and I like Meghan Trainor's song so it's the perfect combo! Lyrics..... [Verse] Yea, it’s pretty clear, we’re standing here on Earth But compared to the Earth, we’re just some grains of dirt And other people may be scared of that magnitude But get some science in your life and then it will seem pretty cool I see all of the tweets, about astrology But that junk is bunk A silly fantasy Say no to pseudoscience No time for all your games Extraordinary evidence required for those crazy claims When Pluto was demoted it seemed like the whole world went cray Where did all those people go when it came to Climate Change? Our world runs on science but is run by politics What we need is a world where everyone is science literate [Chorus] Because you know I’m all about that space ‘Bout that space The Cosmos I’m all about that space ‘Bout that space Love you Pluto I’m all about that space ‘Bout that space No Atmo I’m all about that space ‘Bout that space [Verse 2] So let’s bring Science back! PBS DS made sure of that! Coma Niddy making Science Raps We’re here to tell ya Every molecule of you exists because a star went pop When stars explode, they eject matter to outer space Such as the Nitrogen that is in our DNA So we are a way for the Cosmos to learn its fate And if you don’t think that’s amazing Please get out my face!
@onesmile Yes!! Space is awesome!!
This. Is. Awesome. Space is awesome!! @hikaymm Check this out!!!
This should be the theme song for that Cosmos TV show.
Haha, this is creative. Science ftw!
Great! This will be perfect for my school's science teachers. Great find.