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Hi, i've been wanting to get a board to get into sliding. I probably wont have enough money for about a year, but I want to start looking early. I also would like some suggestions on wheels for sliding? Thanks in advance!!
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Cadillac Swingers 78a are about $50, Remember Collective Hoots are about $35. both are known to slide super easily
I ended up building my deck because I'm a carpenter, but I would definitely recommend arbor boards. They're not as expensive as loaded and they look great. I would go with same 83a orangatang stimulus' @AlexMooney
@mikerosa92 Knows best
I'm a huge fan of original longboards. and their board known as the maven. 35 inches. I got to ride one of these and they ARE SO AWESOME. great for downhill and break in to slides with ease. and believe it or not I found that some of the best wheels to slide with (in my own experience) are abec 11 gumballs, which is weird but they have better slides then the butterballs I used to have and slide better then the slide wheels by "these" even though they aren't really made for it.
@mikerosa92 so are those wheels in the link above what you would get because I have the money and I'm getting some wheels tonight