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The second seasons of the DC animated series Young Justice is available to pre-order on blu-ray NOW. I’m sure YJ fans would all be happier if it was a new season of the awesome show, but blu-ray disc is still pretty excellent. If you haven’t watched Young Justice: Invasion, or Young Justice at all I highly recommend it. It’s a great blend between Teen Titans and Justice League, with some silliness but serious plots and seriously awesome characters. YJ is set in the New 52 verse and follows the comics a little more than Teen Titans did. Plus you get Nightwing and what’s not to LOVE about Dick Grayson?!
@amog32 sadly I lack the income but I've also watched it like 5 times so I think I can wait XD
Already pre-ordered: now the only think left to do is wait. Hope you get your hands on it as well @AgentCory