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If you, like me, love letting your little ones enjoy Halloween, but hate encourage (or having to fight over!) the following candy consumption that occurs, try inviting the Switch Witch to your house this Halloween! I've been using this idea for a few years, and I find that it works wonders for making kids not feel like they're losing out on something they "earned" by trick-or-treating! The idea, started by concerned parents, is to introduce your kids to the "switch witch," who will take some of their candy, and replace it with a fun toy or trinket, much like the tooth fairy replaces teeth with money! Depending on how much they are willing to give, they can get a bigger and bigger toy. When I first started this idea, I began by taking a bit of their candy away while they were asleep, and then letting them discover the toy when they reached for some candy! I left a note from the "switch witch" with the toy, so when they asked what happened, I could introduce the idea to them. Then, I let them know how she works, and that if they're willing to give her even more, we can put it in a special place so that they can get bigger toys! Some stores like Learning Express, have special "Switch Witch" sections with toys and trinkets that can be used for small switches, or you can get any toy your child has had their eye on from a normal toy store or Wal-Mart to get something bigger! Either way, this is a great way to teach your child about not eating too much candy (without fighting!) and to show them how they can make sacrifices to get something they will enjoy even more!
I definitely think this could work with my 3-year-old. He's not really that into candy yet, fortunately, but he LOVES little cars and stuff. I'm almost positive he would welcome a switch like that. Great idea!
This is a really great idea, but I'm not sure I would have been into it as a kid!!!