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Data mining is the process of taking data and discovering patterns and trends. For those of you interested in getting into data science, these are a few resources you can use: 1. RapidMiner One of the top open-source systems for data mining. Specifically, the RapidMiner Studio is a GUI that can be used for the following: • machine learning • data mining • text mining, • predictive analytics • business analytics There are even templates that you can use, such as churn reduction, sentiment analysis, predictive maintenance and direct marketing. It is a useful tool and can be downloaded after signing up for a RapidMiner account over at There is a free version you can use and you are able to test the pro version as a trial for a couple days. 2. Weka Weka is pretty awesome. It's basically free machine learning algorithms that you can use for data mining. You can run it directly or through Java code. You need Java in order to run this software. It includes tools for the following: • data pre-processing • classification • regression • clustering • association rules • visualization You can find it here: 3. PSPP PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It's written in C and is a GNU software. You can check it out at: 4. KNIME A graphical, user-friendly program that helps you do data visualization. Essentially a graphical workbench where you can successfully do all steps needed for data mining. Find it at: There are plenty of more free data mining tools, if you have a great one to share, please do!