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Portlandia is a new favorite show, thanks to Netflix. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are both so great in this show. This scene is from Season 1, Episode 1 -""Farm". I love how they captured technology in our generation in a humorous way, but also commented on what technology is doing to our society. Can you imagine if "Mind-Fi" ever existed? It would be crazy...and as this scene showed, it would be another platform where advertisers could sabotage us with ads. I totally recommend this show, it's hilarious. You should watch it on Netflix before it's gone!
I loooove Portlandia too! Carrie Brownstein is hilarious. "You're spiraling!!!"
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This is my life. Thank you for introducing me to a new show XD
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@danidee this makes me so happy! :D I got into it this past summer and I love it so much! @csgeek welcome :)
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