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My friend just shared this with me and it is pretty cool. Terminal is a cloud service where you can develop apps. It was created by a team who worked at Facebook and Google. You can launch any type of terminal...from Ruby on Rails, Ubuntu, and even web content management systems like Magento. You have to pay for using this service by the hour, but you get $5 for free so you can try it out! I played around with an Ubuntu and it was pretty cool using the terminal from my browser. This is good for people wanting to collaborate on a project or simply do not want to set up a server themselves. Some cool features listed on their website: 1. Terminals resize live with no reboot from 1/2 CPU to 32 CPUs in seconds. 2. Prototype your code on test data with a tiny instance, then scale up RAM to 50GB in seconds when you run heavy computations. 3. When you're done, scale down without rebooting. Save time and money. 4. Pause it when you're done for the day, and pick up where you left off the next morning. It's like closing your laptop.
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This actually really cool! The future of software development looks bright! Again, there's always privacy to worry about...