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New home technology is really fascinating to me. I grew up watching so many movies and tv shows with cool houses that were so high tech, I always wondered when it would happen in real life. Nest is definitely one of those technologies that will change the way we live our lives. Similar to home alarm systems, Nest allows you to control the settings via a mobile app. Most importantly, though, this smart thermostat learns from all the adjustments you make throughout the day so you won't have to be continuously changing the temperature to what you want. It doesn't get too cold in California, but either way this would be so nice to have. It would be amazing to come to a warm house after being gone all day...all because your thermostat knows you come home at 7pm everyday. It beats leaving your heater on all day and wasting so much energy. Cost: $249 Link:
hmm, I would use this....but only if i lived in extreme weather conditions
@csgeek if that's the case, let's be glad we don't! I love SoCal weather