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Hello and welcome back everyone, let’s just ignore the part where I missed a week and get to the reactions we’ve got this and another one coming up so let gogogo!!! . . . . . GOOD . . . . . ● OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GGGGGODDDDDDDDDDD WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN ● Loved getting to see Zoso even if just for a second, it adds to the mythology of the Dark One. Before everything Rumple’s done has been for himself for personal reasons or gain, this time it’s something more connected with being the Dark One because other Dark Ones before have tried to obtain it which is much more interesting to me. ● Abso-freaking-lutely LOVED Emma asking Hook out. Obviously not the Captain Swan part but I love that she’s written as an individual and not playing into stereotypes about how women are supposed to act. Even calling it out with Hook saying he should be the one doing the asking and her just sort of scoffing, but still being her natural awkward Emma self. It really fit with the character and it was a really strong move for a TV show that has the kind of attention Once does. Four for Adam and Eddy, on did that one good. ● Liked Anna a lot more in this episode. Just as I was hoping/expecting, the initial scenes were forced and awkward and she just needed some more time to easy into the character and own the personality and while I don’t think it’s there all the way yet, it’s much better here than in the previous appearances. ● “Is there something wrong with your skin?” GDI Anna XD ● This goes under both good and bad but omfg awkward Charming and Snow while Emma is trying to go on her date, so perfect and awful and wonderful and cringe worthy. ● I loved the incorporation of Fantasia here. I really didn’t know what to expect exactly being the movie itself doesn’t have a plot and there’s really minimal plot to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice part but I loved the sort of homage to the characters that still worked in the universe of OUAT. ● Bless Rumpelstiltskin in this episode, Bobby was perfection and I loved every second of him, both as Gold and Imp, glorious. ● Four for you Anna for besting Rumpelstiltskin! Not many people can claim those kinda bragging rights! ● More me and more LINES from me so exciting! Seriously though I’m the most adorable part of this show *antler flip* ● But no also loved Belle in this even though she was barely there, I just love her always. ● Last though LORD IN HEAVEN BLESS THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT FOR GETTING HOOK NEW CLOTHING BLESS BLESS BLESS PRAISE JESUS ON HIGH ● Gah and I almost forgot I enjoyed Henry helping Regina. Jared’s acting still needs a lot of work but I like him and Regina having the opportunity to build there relationship from this point forward, and it still feels like they’re continuing to develop her character. . . . . . BAD . . . . . ● I’m sure there are a lot of fans who will have loved Emma in more feminine attire but god I hated that dress. JMo is a brilliant actress because she herself is very feminine but when she’s in Emma mode feminine clothing just does not suit her at all. The dress look awkward and it looked more like it was wearing her and not the other way around, which has been said before of different dress things. I just really hated it. ● Everyone already knows I don’t like Hook so I won’t harp on that, but ugh the awkwardness of the date was really hard to take. It wasn’t as bad as I was afraid and I did actually like some moments, but it was also very awkward. ● Here again enjoy my ale;djf about Charming and Snow being awkward parents, god JMo, Josh, and Ginny seriously have the best dynamic when it comes to their family interactions. ● Oh I specifically hated the Lady And The Tramp reference. Ew. Like cute I guess whatever, but it was ew. ● The freaking Fantasia broom XD OUAT’s bad CG is become infamous at this point. . . . . . THOUGHTS . . . . . ● FINALLY some layout information about the Dark Castle! Some of us have been waiting four long years for that. I’m not even joking or being sarcastic, I’ve seriously been dying for this info bless this show. ● And yeah not many other misc thoughts, I’m enjoying everything so far. A strong showing for season 4 now let’s get on to the next card!!! Pictures from Screencapped.net also updating the cover image for the card to suit the new size. 1. Rumple in all his glory ♡ 2. Awkward family and bless these perfect reactions. 3. Charming forearms because unf, so not my type of guy but LOOK AT HIS ARMS 4. I swear this is not Emma and Killian this is Colin and JMo laughing at each other XD 5. The awkwardest of dates