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OUAT Episode 4: The Apprentice

Due to some complications my reflections have been delayed a week, apologies for! This was such an excellent episode, I was so delighted to watch it and I’m happy to now be sharing my thoughts. Of course I loved the Charming family interactions, particularly David’s including his discomfort with his (adult!) daughter dating. Positively charming, so use the obvious pun! Elsa and Snow were also wonderful, and very true to their characters. They all flowed so naturally, and that was all before the actual date began! Speaking of said Captain Swan date, how truly romantic! The stuff of fairy tales to be sure! Jennifer Morrison and Colin O’Donoghue have such a wonderful chemistry and it made what I think might have been a rather awkward situation flow naturally. But of course that magical date wouldn’t have been possible without the crafty help of one Dark One, and oh my goodness things are really getting tense between Hook and Rumpelstiltskin! I’m very excited to see how their rivalry progresses throughout the season. Back in Fairy Tale Land the interaction between Anna and Rumpelstiltskin was brilliantly executed and did so much for the characters. It was heartbreaking to see Anna so, well, broken. But if Anna is anything she is truly resilient, and her ability to best the Dark One only proves that! She was magnificent in this episode and I can’t wait to see her and Elsa reunited!
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This has got to be the CRINGE-IEST wedding in history
So Married At First Sight is this show where complete strangers are matched by experts and they meet for the first time at their WEDDING. Of course this makes for very awkward moments sometimes, and fantastic tv moments a lot of times. Sam and Elizabeth had hands down one of the cringiest weddings ever on the show. Sam is an OK LOOKING tradie who is tired of being 'goodlooking' so he wants a wife. But Sam has conditions on his wife's weight, fingernails, personality and even her hair color. He wants a slim, quiet, brunette girl in natural makeup. Naturally, the experts paired Sam with Elizabeth, a nice outgoing store manager who has NONE of the qualities Sam asked for. Elizabeth is curvy and loud. And blonde! How dare she? It was a match made in cringe-hell. Elizabeth think he's beautiful, hot, and checks all her boxes. She is happy. While Sam thinks this: He is so rude... But poor Elizabeth is head over heels. When asked if they would consummate their marriage on the first night, Elizabeth excitedly said "Of course, it's her wedding afterall" And when Sam was asked his opinion if Elizabeth wanted to try to consummate... So embarrassing...Imagine someone saying they HOPE you don't try to touch them omg. Elizabeth should probably get a career as a psychic because she said this at the alter AND THEN THE VERY NEXT DAY : I honestly felt soooo bad for her, nobody deserves to treated like this on national tv! But I guess thats reality tv for ya, you never know what you will get!