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Have you ever though about what it's like to take photos from space? Travel photographer Brandon van Son did, and he was lucky enough to interview iconic Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield about what it's like to capture images from space, where zero gravity conditions make tracking and time lapse photography totally different! About the video, from the creator Brandon van Son: "Well, I guess you could say I'm in full on photo geek mode right now. Just an hour or so ago, I got to sit in on a media Q&A with Astronaut Chris Hadfield. And, yes, you probably got to know about Chris from his YouTube viral video where he sung Major Tom from space. However, what's awesome about Chris, to me, beyond all that stuff is that he's a pretty amazing photographer."
@onesmile Its pretty crazy! I really want tp do an astronaut experience and just see how different basic tasks are.
This is really awesome; I didn't even think of how different things as "simple" as photography might be having to do it in a zero gravity way!!