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This past summer I was backpacking in Seoul and stayed at a hostel for lodging. Unfortunately, they didn't have a microwave in the room I stayed in. I just remember how disappointed I was with my unopened popcorn pack. This situation inspired me to find a way to make popcorn without the microwave and I guess what? I found out how to make popcorn with a 3-quart large pot. Video is for demonstration. I made a few variation with this tutorial. 1. I used grapeseed oil. 2. I garnished with salt, pepper, grated Parmesan, paprika, and rosemary. And the result: best popcorn ever!
Popcorn made this way tastes so much better.
I hate microwaved popcorn. Air/kettle popped is the way to go!
Ever since I lived with a roommate who banned us from using our microwave (really) this has been the only way that I make popcorn!