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A sleepy driver behind the wheel of a car is an extremely dangerous situation. Just as bad as driving while intoxicated, sleepy drivers can lose complete control over their vehicle at any time. In this clip we see a few guys following a driver who seems to be either falling asleep behind the wheel or intoxicated. The people in the car should have alerted the authorities before an accident occurred. Unfortunately just as the sleepy driver is pulling of the road it pull right in front of an oncoming vehicle. Anyone who has driven long hours knows how scary this can be and how little you can do about it. You can only hope you get to a safe spot soon enough to wake up. If you are feeling sleepy behind the wheel, stop and get some rest. If rest is not an option then stop and get some sugar and/or caffeine. You can not wake yourself up without help!
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It is usually our pride that gets in the way. Sometimes we need to let go of our pride and just say hey I need to take a break. This has happened to me all the time. I just had to say you know what it's not worth the time. Just pull over and take a nap.