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There has been something missing from the fashion world lately. A little sparkle. I was never one for flashy jewelry until I was given my first statement necklace. Now I can't get enough of that one loud piece that pulls my entire outfit together. It seems like the fashion gods heard my plea for more affordable bling, because jewels are suddenly back in style and readily available. From rings to necklaces to earrings, the bigger the better! I particularly like the natural gemstones such as turquoise and amethyst. I included a few inspirational pieces, and I suggest hitting your local thrift store for some really awesome (cheap!) finds.
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That first necklace is gorgeous! I really need to work on my accessories, I am so boring.
I love these, they're so organic and a great accent to any outfit!
Those bracelets are so pretty!
I've seen these around a bit, one of my friends is actually cutting her own amethyst gemstones and making jewelry herself.
i like them