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+ Battle Islands + Platforms: PlayStation 4 Action pakced WW2 real time strategy game, you control troops and vehicles (jeeps, tanks, boats, you get the idea). You can build up your troops and improve your military power. + Bayonetta 2 + Platforms: Wii U Bayonetta fights angels and demons while unraveling the mystery of an obscure deity called Sovereign. Supped up combat, awesome character designs, and a kick ass story. + Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay + Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, DS Fight the battlebot invasion on 20 different story levels using each of the characters unique powers. Obviously tie in with the movie, and the characters will be making their way to Disney Infinity 2.0. + Blood of the Werewolf + Platforms: PlayStation 3 A werewolf, a mother, an action packed platformer! + Cosmophony + Platforms: Wii U Bizarre but awesome “musical shooter” where you progress through levels following a beat. 100% drum and bass soundtrack by DJ Salaryman. + Costume Quest 2 + Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 Following in the footsteps of Costume Quest you trick, treat, and battle evil dentists on your candy crusade. Includes spooky landscapes and a variety of costumes perfect for Halloween! + Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis + Platforms: PlayStation 3 Based on the books by Henry Rider you play as James Lee Quartermain as he searches for for treasure in remove locations like the Arctic North. + Freedom Wars + Platforms: PlayStation 3 JRPG action shooter with some strategy and online PVP up to eight players. + Home + Platforms: PlayStation 4 Horror murder mystery with lots of plot twists because you decide what happens! The game will change and adapt depending on how you play it. + #killallzombies + Platforms: PlayStation 4 Third person action shooter where you must fight to survive the ravenous zombie onslaught! In the distant and frankly messed up future (or something idk) random citizens are dropped in the middle of a zombie hoard for entertainment. + The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins + Platforms: 3DS Epic game to accompany the epic show Legend of Korra. You play as Avatar Korra battling villains from the first two seasons of the show with your mastery of bending arts. + Lords of the Fallen + Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One Hack and slash action RPG where you use magic and melee combat to battle your enemies! + Monopoly Plus + Platforms: Xbox 360 Tbh I’m really not sure what I can say about this, it’s a slot game. There are features and stuff but. It’s a slot game. Yeah. + MX vs. ATV: Supercross + Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Another of those games I’m not gonna know anything about so thank you GameStop: "Rip, jump and scrub your way around 17 tracks and try to cross the finishing line first against more than 40 official riders and harvest all that motocross glory." + NBA Live 15 + Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One From the official site: "The perfect combination of NBA LIVE 15 and fantasy basketball. Build your dream team of the brightest modern NBA stars and all-time legends. Compete online or take part in Fantasy Challenges to earn coins and purchase new packs of players, uniforms, contracts, and more. A new auction house adds even more opportunities to assemble the fantasy team you’ve always wanted." + Pixel Paint + Platforms: Wii U Create your very own pixel art with Pixel Paint! Pixel art is a picture created pixel by pixel - think retro games, and a good portion of current indie games. + Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror + Platforms: PS Vita Have you ever wanted to be a ghost? Well now you can! Terrorize and annoy the residents of a haunted mansion with a variety of spooky tricks like possession and moving objects! + Rock Zombie + Platforms: Wii U Girl rock group invaded by hoard of zombies, 20 levels of action packed fighting, terrifying 300 page comics story, an array of weapons and awesome music! + SingStar + Platforms: PlayStation 4 Sing your way to victory, literally. No really you sing, it’s the Guitar Hero for singing, have fun. + Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones + Platforms: Wii U Play as a clone escaping the ultimate “hostile work environment,” a sister high tech testing facility. + Sunset Overdrive + Platforms: Xbox One Welcome to Sunset City, where a new energy drink has turned a ton of people into zombies (lol oops). Super cool sandbox world with plenty of action as you run around fighting soda zombies! + Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze + Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Side scrolling action adventure with your favorite teenaged mutated ninja turtles! + Tetrobot and Co. + Platforms: Wii U Adorable puzzles as you navigate through Tetrobot with his tiny baby brother Tiny Tetrobot. + Tiny Troopers Joint Ops + Platforms: PlayStation 3, PS Vita Action packed twin stick arcade style shooter! + The Unfinished Swan + Platforms: PlayStation 4, PS Vita Awesome indie maze puzzle game that’s totally surreal. The game starts out completely white, a blank canvas if you will, and then you throw paint splatters around to reveal the real world around you. + WWE 2K15 + Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 From the official site because surprise surprise I know nothing of WWE XD : "Create your own Custom Superstar, or customize WWE Superstars and Divas, Move-Sets and entrances. Take control of WWE as your actions shape your Universe: storylines, schedule, rivalries, alliances and more!" + Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX + Platforms: 3DS Arcade style gallery shorter with a really cute art style and doe famous characters with an undead Halloween twist!
WWE 2k15! I'm excited for it but I won't get it. I buy my sports games around years after the fact. I have WWE12, so I'll prolly swipe a copy of WWE2k13. Just cheaper that way.
@AgentCory It only makes sense cause I'm po. :P
@Spudsy2061 oh yeah that def makes sense c: