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What a performance by Bumgarner. Game 5 will forever be remembered for his stellar performance but some other highlights from the game. Brandon Belt got his first hit with a bunt in his career in order to beat the shift the Royals employed against him. Look for the Royals to now play him straight up now that they know he can beat the shift. The Royals played the infield back when Crawford was at back, electing to let the Giants score for the sure out. It was a questionable move considering Bumgarner was on the mound. The Royals defense struggled in this game. Royals SS Escobar was not able to make 2 crucial plays that led to Giants runs and Dyson was not able to make the throws to home to save runs.Shields pitched a good game but did not get the defensive support he deserved. Yost showed that when the pressure is on, he can make questionable roster moves and substitutions. Many questioned his double-switch to keep Herrera in the game. Luckily for the Royals, they won't have to worry about the double-switch again in the WS as the games now shift to AL rules.