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This was a huge week for certain players. Who's stats were the craziest?
from a fantasy point of view, it is definitely Foster
@goyo Well from a fantasy standpoint Roethlisberger was definitely worth the most. Only problem was not that many people probably started him.
@eightynine yea it was definitely the most points, but I think Foster was the more valuable start no? I mean its harder for a RB to get that many TDs, and yards... Although, truth be told, either Big Ben or Foster wouldve probably won u the week lol
God damn where the he did Ingram come from
@goyo True RB's are scarce but if your bye-week fill in QB gets you 48 points then damn you're going to be tough to beat. While Foster is depended on to score 20 (he scored 38). But I see your point.