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Hi:) Today's story starts like this:D EO came in HR's shrine, and finally met her! He got surprised seeing his mom, but he deosn't know it's not her mom actually. Let's see what happens! Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Ep 11 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50515 Ep 12 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52076 Ep 13 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52539 Ep 14 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54877 Ep 15 Eng Sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/57828 EO freaks out seeing his mom. HR asks to MY "Didn't you forgive yet?" MY tries to kill her saying "I'm gonna save you", but EO stops him saying "What the hell are you doing?". MY says "Step away. She's not your mother." But EO doesn't listen to him. EO runs and calls HR "Mom!" HR says "U're this woman's son..!" MY says "I exist to kill you", and he says "EO, she's not your mother!" While MY and EO is fighting, HR runs and begs to JW to save her. Choi Lord wonders where HR went. He's surprised seeing secret place under shrine. EO finds his mom deperately. AR still doesn't know why ghost wants her body and what the EO's fan is. She thinks she've seen signal on the fan before. While she tries to find it in EO's room, she sees EO mom's hairpin. She reminds that EO said his teacher gave it to him, and she thinks if she had no hairpin, EO would not help her. She thinks there must be sth with it. EO comes in and says to AR he saw his mom and wanna take a rest. He thinks the woman is his mom but wonders how she handles ghosts like that. JW asks what's happening, and HR blames him. She asks if EO is new magistrator. JW asks why he called HR as mom and who she is. HR says "Human can't understand and imagine who am I. My real name is Mu Yeon, and I'm angel in heaven." MY says to YR "I tried to kill HR, but it was impossible. Why is that?" YR says "The sword which SJ gave you can hurt only ghost. So it's impossible to hurt HR when she's in human's body. SJ just gave you the sword to see you if you have strong will which can kill HR. I thought you'd realize it by yourself, but you couldn't. It's dissapointing. Go and take a rest." While AR sleeps, she listens to someone's calling. She sees her servant when she was alive. Her servant says "Choi Lord asked about you and kill me. What happened to you? Don't you remember anything even JW? Well maybe it's fortunate. You felt so much pain when JW's family rejected ur asking for marriage. Now I think I gotta go. Choi's servant killed me, but I took off his identification in the moment I die." AR says "I'm gonna revenge whatever happens." DS teaches how to use tools as weapon. Servant under magistrate complains of the situation. They thinks they need to decide which side they gotta stand, Choi Lord or Maigstrate EO. AR asks to EO "Did you meet ur mom suddenly? What happened? And why you came here? Where's your mom?" EO says "talk later. I have to go somewhere." He thinks 'I'm here to help you to go to heaven, but why there's my mom in the end?' AR says alone "I don't know what's happening, but cheer up.." Choi Lord says alone "Now I can get out from you. I met you when I was young. So I could get fame and lots of money, but it's time to say goodbye." HR says "I can't guess when EO's mom tries to be free from me, so before that I gotta take AR's body." EO goes to shrine once again and wonders what her did in the place. Then JW finds him and asks why he is here. EO asks "What did you do? You killed ghosts and made grave, and sacrificed many lives. In the end there's HR. Tell me what did you do..!" Choi Lord says "I also don't know what the wicked did. She's not human so it means she's the wicked" EO says "Do you think I'm gonna just forgive if you deny like that? I'll find out everything..!" JW orders "Burn all the shrine and basement under it. And call military to protect my home. EO, do you think I'm just watch the situation with doing nothing?" BW prays to her ancestor, "How you do this to me? I can't see any ghosts as shaman but now I'm hit by it?" Then suddenly BW sees her mom but she can't listen what she's saying. AR translate the saying for her. She asks if the signal is SJ's signal, and BW says "yes". YR asks to SJ "Did you use EO to eliminate HR, right? And you also made him to meet AR to slove the problem? I gotta see if the meeting is good or bad later." EO asks to BW "If someone can stops ghosts from entering to her place, she also can take human's body?" BW says "Yes, she can do. And the human which was taken by ghost is not both alive and dead. There's no way to save the human." JW says to Choi "Did you know that HR is angel of heaven and EO's mom?" Choi asks "Did you save her? Is she weak right now cuz she didn't take human's soul last month?" JW calls servant and asks sth. "There is someone who feels sick. Would you care her?" He asks "The woman who stays in independent place? Don't worry. I know all secrets about this home. I also knew that what did you do when full moon appear. When you came this home for the first time, I thought I'd save you whatever happens. You don't have to worry of it. Actually I am the person who took her in this home. When she came here at first time, she was in trouble cuz she put poison in Choi's food. But someone saved her and next day she changed to the person." AR says to JW "I can't get your heart, sorry." JW says "Then promise me onething. No matter what troubles happen, don't forgive yourself." AR says "Don't worry. I walked long way to come here. You're good person..I have sth to give you. This is your fiance's diary. There was her heart towards you. You said you didn't know her at all, but she was different. I just want for you to remember that there was a lady who loved you so much." EO asks "Why JW came here?" AR says "I gave him Lee Seo Lim's diary. I think he needs to know how she felt of him. Are you okay?" EO asks "Did you have to do that? Then now you've done all things that you gotta do as Lee Seo Lim?" AR says "yea..it's dark moon." Then EO leans on her, saying "let me stay like this for a while." Choi's servant called military to protect his home. EO thinks all answer is in Choi's Lord. And AR also wonders why SJ made her to meet EO. Then she reminds of tha past..she saw that JW meets EO's mom. AR wonders why JW took EO's mom. EO asks if a woman knows about her mom. She says "Your mom came to her and asked about Choi. It's not easy to talk about Choi in this town." EO says "Is Choi that sacry? If you don't tell anything about him, I can't fix it. Come to me if you're willing to talk about it." EO thinks her mom came this town to meet Choi Lord, and he gotta finds what Choi Lord did to figure out about mom. JW says "I'm not elligible to take this heart. Would you put this diary to its own place? I didn't know she felt heart about me." AR says "Where you were in full moon at that time?" JW says "I must be here. The scenery is quite good." AR thinks she can't see relation between JW and HR. Then she remember she saw the moment which EO's mom followed JW. Preview of Ep.16) AR thinks 'Why there is JW? Why he took EO's mom?' She says to EO "I don't think the things happened is not just accident". JW asks to HR if he also killed Lee Seo Lim. AR thinks it's so painful to find who killed her. EO says "It's better for you not to see."
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