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It's time for change, America, and here's what I propose Since nothing else is working, as our population grows And these people sit down with no job, no shoes, no clothes We need a new industry of work, and it's right under your nose Yeah that smell, it's marijuana, legalization, don't oppose Cuz I know you might be skeptical, so I'll list some of the pros It's for recreation, not just for medical use First off, the state's revenue would shoot right through the roof Doesn't matter what state you're in, people smoke cannabis So why fund the streets when we can make cash offa this Police save time detaining what they call criminals And go after the murderers, the crazy and the cynical It's an easy decision as you can see Regulated to adults, only sold with ID Less harmful then alcohol, I mean this shit is a flower I don't wanna black out and throw up in the shower Let's work together to put an end to prohibition And begin a new era, this is America's transition
Great use of poetry, @GeorgeJensenJr , to share something you're passionate about: that's what this is all about!
@onesmile yeah, but by legalizing, you're now giving business opportunities to tax paying citizens, people will open businesses and have to hire people, therefore creating jobs
@timeturnerjones lol yeah, I think it's alright currently, but if I came up with a chorus and some more informational lyrics I sure would, and hope it goes viral!
I really want a video of you reading this, just saying XD I think its the kind of thinf politicians and uptight hypocrites need to hear @GeorgeJensenJr
Hmmm @GeorgeJensenJr "why fund the streets when we can make cash offa this" this is kind true, though, if we have such budget problems.....idk though