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I apologize to @caricakes because I can already hear her screaming from this creepy video still, but I can't help it! Halloween is my favorite, and who doesn't love zombies, right? Right? Well, here is a surprisingly comprehensive (albeit a little longer) Photoshop tutorial on how to take a normal face and turn it into the face of a terrifying zombie. There's tons of zombie tutorials on YouTube. TONS. But I picked this video by YouTube artist babyphat1334 for just how easy-to-follow and downright scary it is. Try this out on your pictures, your friends' pictures, maybe even pictures of your little brother's pet lizard!
This would be great to prank someone into thinking the zombie invasion is real
Thanks for sharing this!!! I just got PS recently so I've beenw atching so many tutorials to learn how to use the tools better lol maybe I'll do this for fun just to learn how to use more. @danidee
@eightynine lol that's effed up.
@EightyNine Hahahaha it'd be funny to post it to your Instagram and be like #selfie!!
This wasn't TOO scary, I guess, maybe...
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