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For the past five years now, production duo N.A.S.A has been creating the coolest music collaborations. Whether they're pairing Tom Waits with Kool Keith, David Byrne and Seu Jorge with Chuck D, or even Kanye West and Lykke Li, each song is as diverse and exciting as the names on the roster. But one of my favorite things about N.A.S.A is how they have consistently commissioned an independent animator for their music videos, resulting in a pretty neat visual archive. Among their past music video artists are names like Marcel Dzama, Shepard Fairey, and Sage Vaughn. And most recently, they've had LA-based director/animator San Charoenchai create the effortlessly cool and typo-kinetic video for Karen O's cover of "I Shot The Sheriff". Check it out, and if you're feeling fancy, head over to N.A.S.A's YouTube channel for even more cool animated music videos.
This sounds might be stuck in my head for forever.
@galinda The Kanye/Santigold/Lykke Li song is 10x more addictive. Hahaha.