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LC9 Cover of Just A Dream by Nelly: I love this cover. Sucks that E.den is gone, but I think that situation caused them to create such a beautiful and emotional song (please check it out. It's called East of Eden. I posted it earlier) I love their voices and hope they will do well. Please support them and enjoy!
@nenegrint14 omg that is SO sad! I hate that groups get torn apart so quickly in kpop :/ by personal reasons or military or anything else
wait, E.den is gone?!
@honeysoo I know! like with girls generation and f(x) I'm not sure what's going to happen with f(x) Oh and btw did you ever become staff for the kpop community?
@honeysoo yup he left to pursue his studies. and rasa is in the military so right now it's just those 4 but rasa is supposed to come back when he's done. I think k it's why there is so much emotion in East of Eden because it is personal for them. I think the song is for him. telling him to shine and they will continue to shine so he can see them and hopefully one day they can meet each other with smiling faces.