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the scars that remain are a sign of strength. showing his life was a little harder then everyone else you shouldn't judge him by the marks on his arms and legs but,by the marks on his heart saying "I made it" he hides them like he should be ashamed by them walking the halls covered in layers of clothing when counselors see him they cower never actually knowing what to say 6 years of college never prepared them for this. he's the first on his family to even get this close to graduating, his family is the result of a broken record of screaming and fighting never to be fixed. all these problems and the world thinks he had to have a smile on his face they look down at him for his imperfect body with cuts and bruises but they don't matter anymore he found happiness . these "scars" serve as a reminder that he did in fact make it
the line about the counselors is so sad, but im some ways so true
thanks for the feedback onesmile
Interesting piece--it takes a look at whether or not these scars (as dangerous as they are) are simply a sign of that cracking, or a sign of getting past those past problems and gaining strength. You should totally add this to the creative writing community!!