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This is currently all the stuff I use for longboarding! From left to right.... 2014 landyatchz tomohawk Bear grizzly gen 5s Space balls bearings Zombie hawgs 82a Stock grip and bushings Churchill ? (First board from almost 4 years ago) Churchill trucks Venom red and gold flats White owl wheels Viscous grip tape Penny nickel (All that penny shit) Completely stripped arbor bamboo pintail (100% refurbished and ready for graphic) Red grizzly gen 5s These wheels red 80a Bones reds Custom venom cone setup Lucid grip spray on (awesome shit) Below are my landyatchz galaxy sliding gloves: triple eight helmet: and g form pads !
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I have the same helmet.
3 years ago·Reply
sweet gear man That's a really awesome looking drop through how's the ride
3 years ago·Reply
You should so give me a board XD
3 years ago·Reply
how's the Tomahawk?
3 years ago·Reply
@drlizardo it's amazing seriously one of the best do it all boards out there
3 years ago·Reply