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The chocolate fountain is just for inspiration, but it certainly would make you popular at the office! #1. Makeup Remover Sticks Keeping cotton balls and a bottle of remover nearby sounds way too high-maintenance for me, but those genius cotton swabs with a dose of liquid already in them? Yes! #2. Highlighter Freshen up in the most minimal ways possible. Dot some creamy highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones for a bit of shine that fools people into thinking everything's a fresh application. #3. Lipstick There's no easier way to make a big, bold switch-up that tells the world you were at work and now you're ready for a cocktail. #4. Mini Perfume Whatever you spritz on in the morning is definitely gone before lunchtime, so having another one on hand is a smart idea for a boost before a meeting or heading out to a work event.
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This is totally semi-unrelated, but keeping a Tide pen at your desk is awesome too. I hate when I get a stain on my shirt or collar during my lunch break and have to deal with a dirty shirt all day.
If I don't have perfume I make sure that I have great smelling hand lotion.
If only I had a choco fountain at my desk!!