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Huffington Post interviewed American Horror Story: Freak Show star Angela Bassett on her character on this season, Desiree and how she’s acclimating to her second season on the show and what we can expect from the show and Desiree in the episodes to come. According to Bassett she’s hoping to avoid any potential singing roles but doesn’t know how the season will resolve and what exactly is to come. Apologies for the nonpolitically correct terminology but according to Bassett, Desiree the “full-blown hermaphrodite” will be getting some unexpected news from a doctor in an upcoming episode. Season two of AHS: Asylum has been viewed as super scary, and season three, Cover as frightening but campy. According to Bassett this season is geared more to consideration of differences in the people around us, that not everyone is the same and just because someone is different in some way doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of respect. It’s a really wonderful message, and if the show wasn’t so scary I think I would enjoy watching it!